UArizona Academy

Are you interested in the University of Arizona but still a few years away from graduating from your high school in Cyprus or in Turkey? You can apply to UArizona Academy! This Early University Program is delivered to you as a partnership between the GAU Group of Schools and the University of Arizona.

High School students at Grades 10, 11 and 12 can apply to take up to 10 courses from the University of Arizona while still in high school! This is a special program for high-achieving high school students who would like a headstart into their university education. Although the UArizona Academy partnership is with GAU Group of Schools, we welcome students from other schools to join the UArizona Academy.

By becoming a student at UArizona Academy you can choose your university major with more insight into your field and earn university credits.

About The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona is a top-ranked public, research university in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and is classified as a Carnegie Foundation Research 1 institution. It is ranked in the Top 100 Best Global Universities by U.S News and World Report. The University of Arizona is known for advancing frontiers of interdisciplinary scholarship and entrepreneurial partnerships as a member of the Association of American Universities, the 62 leading public and private research universities in the U.S. The University has been a part of every planetary mission with NASA and is the fourth most awarded public university by NASA for research.

Admissions Criteria


The course offerings vary slightly from semester to semester. The following is a representative list of some of the courses offered through UArizona Academy:

Tuition & Aid

UArizona Academy Course Fees are offered at a reduced rate and differ according to country of residence:

*The students may choose to study upto 10 courses starting from high school sophmore year (Grade 10/Lise 2) until their senior year (Grade 12/Lise 4). In order for students to directly transfer to the University of Arizona they should pass with a score of 3.0/4 or more from at least 4 classes.

GAU Group Of Schools & UArizona Academy

GAU Group of Schools is a k-12 education institution that has a strong emphasis on the command of English. The Group consists of The American College and the Future American College in North Cyprus and Girne College (Girne Koleji) in Turkey. A core mission of the GAU Group of Schools is to educate globally minded future leaders.

The benefit of taking college courses as high school students is to provide a head start on the college experience. UArizona Academy gives high school students the opportunity to learn from the very best professors and to engage in online student activities with college students from UArizona and around the world. For institutions that want to provide a challenging option for their most talented students, UArizona Academy delivers an accelerated pathway to college. Secondary schools offering this program distinguish themselves as UA-Affiliated High Schools and gain the advantages of formal connections with a prestigious global research university.

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